(Po-Pi: 9 - 17)

Mountain Resort, Panorama (BC)

  • Employer: Mountain Resort
  • Start Date: spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • End Date: spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • English Level: Intermediate
  • Hiring Via: Skype Interview
  • Specials: Couples accepted, Groups accepted
  • Hourly Wage: 13,75 - 22 CAD + tips
  • State: British Columbia (BC)
  • Housing: Employer provides
  • Gender: Both
  • Location: Nature
  • In Stock: 10

Available positions:


WAGE: 13,85 CAD 
30 – 40/week

JOB DESCRIPTION: You will play an important role in the daily interac- tion of guests utilizing the lifts. You will execute the proper, efficient, and courteous loading and unload- ing of our guests. You will inspect, record, and report the condition of all lift machinery, and main- tain proper and safe levels of snow throughout the entire lift station area. You will be an ambassador of our Mountain Village, with extensive knowledge of the mountain, conditions of runs, and current events happening in the Village.


WAGE: 13,75 – 22 CAD
HOURS: 30 – 40/week

JOB DESCRIPTION: Your role as Ski and Snowboard instructors is to introduce and develop a passion of snow sports to our guests. You will have exceptional people skills with an amazing ability to teach and develop both beginner and advanced ski or snowboarding skills.


WAGE: 13,85 CAD + tips
HOURS: 30 – 40/week

JOB DESCRIPTION: You are the excitement factor in the Picnic Cafe. You have a passion for great food and coffees and it shows in your job as well as your life. You will provide high quality customer service to all guests in a speedy, professional and efficient manner. This position requires shift work and is a seasonal position.


WAGE: 14 – 16 CAD 
30 – 40/week

JOB DESCRIPTION: You have a passion for food and a strong interest in how it is made and how it tastes. The successful candidate has a desire to learn new skills and willingness to learn all about the culinary world. This position requires basic kitchen & culinary experience.


WAGE: 13,85 CAD
HOURS: 30 – 40/week

JOB DESCRIPTION: You are a central figure at our signature water facility. You provide the ‘cabana’ experience for our guests visiting the pools. You will be outgoing, friendly, courteous, be safety conscious and will gain an extensive knowledge of current events, activities and functions at Panorama.


HOURS: 30 – 40/week

JOB DESCRIPTION: As a Lodging Attendant, you will be responsible for cleaning condo units, hotel rooms, resort common areas and maintaining commercial contracts. These daily services will be your responsibility, so guests get the best first impression of our resort and of their accommodations.

Who should you contact for more information?

Norbert at norbert.dzemjan@injoy.sk

+421 948 277 413

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